Friday, April 19, 2013

Eco-Critical Literature: Regreening African Landscapes


by Ogaga Doherty Abraham Okuyade'12, African Humanities Program Fellow, now available from African Heritage Press.

Critically examines the representations, contructions, and imaginings of the relationship between the human and non-human worlds in contemporary African literature and culture. It offers innovative, incisive, and critical perspectives on the importance of sustaining a symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment. The book thus carries African scholarship beyond the mere analysis of themes and style to ethical and activist roles of literature having an impact on readers the public. It is a scholarship geared toward rectifying ecological imbalance that is prevalent in many parts of the continent that forms the setting, context, and thematic discourse of the works or authors studied in this book. Besides sensitizing the African readership to the need for the restoration of harmony between man and the environment, this book equally aims to further familiarize scholars and students working on African literature and culture with the theoretical concerns of eco-criticism

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